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Cyber threat actors are constantly developing new tactics to target organizations. To manage cybersecurity risks, you need to consider your vulnerabilities and remain aware of these evolving threats.

Businesses can’t afford to be reactive in the face of cyber threats. Taking a proactive approach to security will allow you to better prepare for risks—and give you peace of mind. You can’t rely on the same simplified methods you’ve used for years to protect your company. Focusing on vulnerabilities you’re familiar with isn’t enough either. You need to stay on top of emerging threats by combining several proactive security practices.

You’ve likely heard of the importance of vulnerability management and cyber threat hunting. But do you know what these practices involve? They’re two important ways to proactively manage cybersecurity risks. When used together, you can be confident you’re taking the necessary steps to develop a mature security plan.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at:

  • The difference between threats and vulnerabilities
  • How to get started with cyber threat hunting
  • What’s involved in vulnerability management
  • How both security practices will benefit your organization

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