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the-ciso_s-guide-to-cybersecurity-managementAs a CISO, your role is critical in today’s cybersecurity landscape. By establishing and maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, you safeguard all assets and sensitive data.

The CISO’s role is more complex today than it was even a decade ago. While in the past, CISOs were primarily viewed as technical experts, their role has grown to increasingly focus on business strategy. They no longer work in their own silos but collaborate across departments and regularly communicate with the board.

How can CISOs manage all their responsibilities and ensure they keep their seat at the table? We’ve summarized the necessary steps you need to take to develop and implement a strong cybersecurity program.

In this e-book, we take a look at:

  • Tips to develop a strategic cybersecurity plan
  • Strategies to improve your cybersecurity management
  • Key skills all CISOs should develop

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