Establishing mature privacy governance within organizations requires Difenda’s ingenuity and insight.

Difenda’s expertise in privacy governance is we go beyond understanding your current information architecture and identifying critical threats. We also have expertise in customizing processes to develop effective and sustainable privacy management programs that fits your organization. Our customized processes include strategy development, policies, training, monitoring, reporting, audit, and performance management.

Difenda has fine tuned our privacy governance processes to be effective and impactful through our advanced use of combining big data analytics, machine learning technologies, and artificial intelligence. Using these variables, we develop a customized platform that enables visibility into staff behavior, shifting trends, and identify areas for further investigation. By bringing together data from disparate sources in an advanced data analytics solution, organizations using our approach can piece together data, enrich it with meaningful context, and perform advanced analytics and correlation to identify suspicious behavior indicating potential privacy violations.

Equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the privacy governance system we create, converts existing privacy processes to an automated detection system that continually evolves on its own. Armed with this new system, organizations can accelerate their ability to efficiently respond to privacy breaches related to unauthorized use of private information. Establishing effective privacy governance also enables compliance.