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Penetration Testing Whitepaper

Why Having the Right Penetration Testing Strategy Matters More Than Ever
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The rapid shift to digital means cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Today’s companies are under constant attack from the myriad of potential vulnerabilities and threats that exist, from sophisticated social engineering attacks to malware.

The reality is: cybersecurity is complex by nature. Keeping an entire business protected requires a proactive approach—one that leverages cutting-edge technology, strategies, and insights to identify current vulnerabilities and business-specific threats. That’s where penetration testing excels.

Pen Testing Whitepaper

Download our penetration testing strategy whitepaper to discover how you can use penetration testing to take a proactive approach to improving your security posture.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Top benefits of penetration testing
  • Key questions to ask your penetration service provider
  • The right and wrong ways to scope a penetration test
  • The costs of not implementing a reliable penetration testing strategy
  • Why effective cybersecurity needs penetration testing
  • What Difenda’s penetration testing strategy looks like

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Learn why having the right Penetration Testing
strategy matters more than ever

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