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Unlock the full potential of the world’s most compelling technology suite

Drive more value out of your cybersecurity program, Microsoft solutions, and security workflows with a proven Microsoft Gold Partner specialized in Microsoft’s cybersecurity products.

The Difenda
Microsoft Gold Partner
7 Microsoft Security certifications

Support for the entire Microsoft security suite

Get more value out of Microsoft’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions

Building a best-in-class cybersecurity program starts with Microsoft. Discover how you can leverage integration to achieve best practices with your Microsoft solutions while maintaining ownership of your Microsoft Sentinel deployment.

Why Microsoft?

Keep Up With Innovation

Stay ahead of changing trends with access to the best cybersecurity technology available.

Discover New Cost Savings

Reduce your costs with extremely efficient, unified, and automated cybersecurity solutions.

Overcome Integration Challenges

Integrate other leading Microsoft and non-Microsoft products into your cybersecurity program.

Scale Your Cybersecurity Program

Scale your MDR capabilities with full visibility and support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Leverage Next-Gen Automation

Proactively identify vulnerabilities, detect threats, and respond faster with cutting-edge automation.

Rapidly Adopt Microsoft’s Products

Deploy the best Microsoft has to offer with a proven partner that’s specialized in Microsoft.

Difenda provides Microsoft Sentinel SIEM & SOAR

Microsoft Sentinel offers the best in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).


  • Detection based on your use cases
  • Take advantage of built-in and third-party threat intelligence
  • Access modern ML-driven threat hunting capabilities
  • Flexible cloud-based data collection and retention options


  • Overcome complexity with out-of-the-box integrations
  • Reduce your training and staffing costs with automation
  • Respond faster with powerful orchestration capabilities
  • Growing development and support community

Microsoft Sentinel implementation simplified

Implementing an advanced platform like Microsoft Sentinel is a complex task. Every project is assigned a PMI®-certified project management professional to keep your project on task, on time, and on budget—with full visibility into deployment, configuration, and tracking of project risks.

Download our Microsoft Sentinel implementation brochure to learn more.

Single-pane threat visibility realized

Getting truly enterprise-wide visibility means getting data from other hardware and software sources. Difenda can integrate Microsoft log sources and any non-Microsoft log sources using out of the box integrations and our custom development services.

Discover deep insights in the Difenda Shield portal

Integrate your Microsoft services with Difenda Shield to generate powerful insights into how your organization approaches identity and access management, threat protection, security management, and information protection.

It’s all about your results

Difenda takes an outcomes-based approach when it comes to your needs.
That means we think of innovative ways to help you achieve your vision.
"The leading vendor for centralized certificate management"
"The industry gold standard for certificate lifecycle management"
"Unparalleled support and a robust solution with SAAS and self service options"

What can you achieve with Difenda Shield?

Machine Learning

Leverage the latest in machine learning detection using Microsoft Sentinel Fusion technology. Quickly detect advanced, multistage attacks through complex correlation and advanced machine learning. As part of Difenda’s MDR service offering, we can support customers through the approval, testing and deployment of private preview features.

Discover  Difenda MDR

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Let Microsoft Sentinel determine if an asset has been compromised through a variety of techniques and machine learning capabilities. Microsoft Sentinel analyzes user behavior to generate insights based on observable behavior, so you can stay agile when detecting anomalies.

Discover  Difenda MDR

Deep and Wide Visibility

As logs and alerts are collected from all connected data sources, Microsoft Sentinel organizes them and builds baseline behavioral profiles of the organization’s entities (users, hosts, IP addresses, applications, and more) across time and peer groups.

Discover  Difenda MDR

Work With a Microsoft Certified Partner

Difenda is one of North America’s most certified teams that’s focused on architecting, implementing, configuring, and supporting managed service delivery across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.


  • Microsoft 365 Security Administrator
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft AZ-500
  • Microsoft MS-500
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Frequently Asked Questions

Defender is easy to deploy and manage as it is integrated with Microsoft Windows. However, it is also available for Linux and Mac operating systems and can leverage Azure management tools making management across your enterprise available from a single pane of glass.

Yes. Difenda MDR customers benefit with additional visibility and control by using their own instance to which Difenda connects using APIs and is managed via Azure Lighthouse.

No. You can leverage your existing Microsoft licenses and license procurement relationships.

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