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Difenda MDR
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Faster detection and response starts now

Difenda MDR minimizes the gap between speed of compromise and speed of detection with proactive threat hunting and incident response services, reducing attacker dwell time and mitigating the potential impact of a breach.

A set-and-forget security program isn’t enough anymore

Today’s cybersecurity frameworks are complex, making it difficult for organizations to create a unified approach to security operations, from hiring qualified professionals to implementing best practices and maintaining critical infrastructure in an ever-changing technology landscape.

Difenda MDR offers an enterprise-grade suite of managed threat detection and response services that unifies your people, processes, and technologies, guaranteeing that every interaction is safe and visible—and making sure you have the right systems in place to respond to potential threats, faster.

Introducing Difenda MDR

Difenda MDR offers the latest in extended detection and response (XDR) technology—allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from a world-class cybersecurity program. Difenda’s MDR is designed based on industry-leading information security standards, including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Difenda MDR offers:

  • Develop a quantitative and qualitative understanding of organizational risks posed by people, assets, data, and technologies prior to an incident
  • Implement a set of advanced security controls to monitor, identify, and mitigate risks through intelligent threat defence and threat hunting
  • Capture and secure all relevant security information for future use
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What’s included in Difenda MDR?

What’s included in Difenda MDR?

Difenda MDR offers the latest in Microsoft’s extended detection and response (XDR) technology—allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from a world-class cybersecurity program that’s built for scale, and integration-ready from day one. Difenda’s MDR uses top security frameworks like the MITRE ATT&CK® and NIST Cybersecurity Framework to continuously identify, develop, and release enhanced detection and response capabilities.


Threat Profiling

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Difenda MDR offers a thorough understanding of your organization’s attack surface, critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and operational processes, laying the foundation for a robust defence strategy.

• Gain critical insight into your organization’s attack surface
• Achieve a better understanding of real business problems and risk
• Prioritize defence efforts by thinking like an adversary
• Configuration Management Database

Threat Defence

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Difenda MDR leverages industry-leading endpoint detection & response (EDR) technology to prevent, contain, and remediate attacks from all threat vectors before, during, and after execution.

• Rely on artificial intelligence to detect threats, including zero-day attacks, eliminating the need for ineffective signature-based antivirus solutions
• Leverage behavioural AI to observe complex activities, automatically blocking and containing attacks at machine-speed
• Conduct rich forensic data collection that supports organization-wide auto-immunity

Threat Hunting

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Difenda MDR combines manual and automated threat hunting techniques to improve your threat hunting programs. Collect, analyze, and detect threats using Difenda’s industry-leading security incident and event management (SIEM) technologies.

• Run simulated attacks within your organization’s critical infrastructure using our ATT&CK-driven development methodology
• Leverage a Purple Team approach to identify hidden threats, build detection use cases, and deploy updates to managed SIEM platforms
• Draw real-time data from threat intelligence feeds to recognize known devices, users, or apps that are behaving suspiciously

Threat Response

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Difenda MDR includes remote incident response as a core service, giving you 24/7/365 managed threat protection and an immediate defense strategy to mitigate potential breaches.

• Streamline and coordinate your cybersecurity response, improving visibility and your ability to act
• Provide detailed post-incident documentation, including actions taken by Difenda, investigation results, and recommended next steps
• Follow industry best practices and rely on advanced tools to automate, monitor, record, and manage incident response processes
• Perform malware analysis to examine behavior and potential impacts of malware

Threat Intelligence

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The Difenda MDR service utilizes industry-leading threat intelligence in two ways: first to improve detection capabilities and second to provide proactive threat bulletins relative to your business.

• Leveraging the world’s largest and richest collection of sensor data to enrich detection capabilities
• Understand threats to your industry or geography through curated threat bulletins
• Get the same global situational awareness typically only available to governments, banks, and the world’s largest enterprises

Dashboards and Reporting

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Gain access to insights far beyond the reporting offered by traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). GRC offers comprehensive dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities to maximize visibility across your entire organization.

• Dynamically report on current control compliance according to assets, industry standard frameworks, active risks, and ongoing audit engagements
• Access real-time dashboard and reporting data
• Offer up-to-date visibility for all stakeholders, including operational staff

How does our MDR process work?

Difenda MDR minimizes the gap between speed of compromise and speed of detection with proactive threat hunting and incident response services that reduce attacker dwell time and mitigate the potential impact of a breach.

Difenda Labs environment is a core part of our process that simulates common customer environment components. Within the Difenda Labs environment, our Cyber Research and Response team runs continuous attacks based on the cyber tactics and techniques used to breach customer environments.

Successful attack patterns are translated into detection and response requirements, which are developed and released to Difenda Shield services using an agile delivery methodology.

Simplify your security processes with an integrated cybersecurity suite that leverages Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and active services to provide proactive and ongoing protection.

Our MDR solution is also compatible with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP).

Supported technologies

• Azure Sentinel

• Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

• Azure Security Center

• Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

• Microsoft Defender (Azure, Endpoint, Server, Office)

• Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

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What can you achieve with MDR?

Develop a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the risks created by your people, assets, data, and technologies before an incident occurs.

Quickly expand your cybersecurity capabilities with access to next-gen, cloud-native cybersecurity solutions built for speed and scale.

Keep your business protected at all times with 24/7 that leverages automation, tactical response teams, and multiple C3 locations to ensure service availability.

Our integration-friendly approach means you always get access to cutting edge cybersecurity technology through the Difenda Shield and Microsoft’s award-winning security solutions.

Turn cybersecurity into a company-wide objective with real-time data dashboards, notifications,  alerts, and enhanced visibility using the Difenda Shield Portal.

Identify and respond to threats quicker with automated processes that proactively alert key members of your security teams, ingest data, coordinate responses, and remediation.


Whether you’re looking for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid—Difenda MDR is the easiest way for you to integrate a best-in-class MDR solution into your cybersecurity stack.

Difenda is Microsoft’s go-to partner for complex Azure Sentinel configurations. Implement best practices and drive valuable insights with ongoing support and solution optimization.

Tap into the full spectrum of the Difenda Shield cybersecurity suite

Implement a robust cybersecurity solution that keeps your business protected at all levels. Difenda MDR is a fully managed and modular solution that integrates seamlessly with other components of Difenda Shield, including:

Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Advanced Vulnerability
Brand Protection
Security Awareness
"We were looking for a partner that could help us maximize on our Microsoft investment, consolidate our security product stack and provide us with subject matter expertise. Difenda, not only had the knowledge, tenure and experience, there approach for long term SecOps sustainability is leading edge"

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