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How-to-Build-a-Sustainable-Cybersecurity-Risk-Management-Program.pngEvery organization faces risks. While many large corporations have robust cybersecurity risk management programs, you may be surprised that one in five companies don’t have such a plan in place. In fact, 66 percent of Canadian organizations state they’re only “somewhat confident” in their ability to manage risk.

Even the most resilient operations can face unforeseen incidents. New types of cyber risks are constantly emerging. A sustainable cybersecurity risk program won’t guarantee problems will never occur, but it will prepare your company to deal with risks that do come up.

The ability to identify and manage risks in a timely manner is key to your organization’s success—and survival.

In this e-book, we take a look at:

  • Best practices to assess your organization’s risks
  • The benefits of a sustainable cybersecurity risk management program
  • How to build a risk-aware culture
  • The importance of continually tracking and monitoring risks 

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