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Difenda GRC

An agile approach to managing the security of your people, processes, and technology

Difenda GRC offers a comprehensive suite of active services that allows you
to build a strong cybersecurity program by continuously managing and
optimizing your company’s approach to governance, risk, and compliance.

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving faster than ever

Companies today are overwhelmed by cybersecurity requirements, government mandates, and regulatory frameworks. Many companies find it difficult to maintain a well-organized cybersecurity program that keeps them protected from all angles.

Difenda GRC provides an ongoing effort towards the foundation of your cybersecurity program: governance, risk, and compliance. Our comprehensive suite of services breaks down silos and aims to help you identify the why behind cybersecurity governance and how best to integrate these rules within your people, processes, and technology.

Introducing Difenda GRC

Difenda GRC helps you navigate changing regulatory frameworks by creating a unified cybersecurity environment across all aspects of your organization and laying the foundation for a robust cybersecurity program.

Difenda GRC offers:

  • A comprehensive library of customizable policies that integrate with internal process documentation within the Difenda Shield portal
  • A robust attestation control strategy and facilitated system control attestation workshops
  • Access to our team of Cyber GRC analysts throughout attestation cycles
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting as attestation cycles are completed
  • A highly-automated solution that makes ongoing GRC management nearly effortless

What’s included in Difenda GRC?

What’s included in Difenda GRC?

Difenda GRC offers a comprehensive suite of services that allow you to build a robust cybersecurity program through continuous managing and optimization of your company’s governance, risk, and compliance strategy.


Policy Management

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Our Cyber GRC team partners with your organization to design and configure a control attestation strategy that ties controls to the correct people, processes, and technologies.
  • Design and implement a robust control attestation strategy
  • Streamline workflow management and save time when it comes to complex factors such as attestation frequency, assignees, and other areas
  • Access augmented services through system control attestation workshops facilitated by our Cyber GRC team

Control Attestation

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Streamline control attestation by centralizing and interlinking internal process documentation in the Difenda Shield portal. Difenda GRC simplifies conducting periodic policy and process reviews and includes ongoing support from Difenda’s Cyber GRC team.
  • Migrate internal process documentation to the Difenda Shield portal, ensuring that all documentation is centralized and interlinked
  • Conduct periodic policy and process reviews through adjustable lifecycle settings and ongoing service delivery
  • Rely on ongoing support from Difenda’s Cyber GRC team

Online Risk Register

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GRC includes an online Risk Register provided through our Difenda Shield portal.
  • Capture risks identified during control attestation cycles, periodic third-party audits, and staff reports
  • Manage risks by ranking, linking them to assets and treatment workflows, and deferring them to specific dates
  • Track and report remediation work progress using the Difenda Shield portal dashboard and reporting tools

Cyber Risk Assessment

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Many industry compliance frameworks require an annual risk assessment. GRC offers an annual report and executive-level assessment that’s tailored to your organization, real-time insights into threats your controls face, and more.
  • Review a point-in-time snapshot of threats against your cyber control posture
  • Identify key control deficiencies based on current threat landscape information
  • Receive an annual risk assessment report and an executive-level debrief

Audit Management

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Work with our Cyber GRC team to build an online audit management portal for specific ad-hoc internal or third-party audits. Access an online audit management portal tailored to your organization. Select specific controls and assets from within the Difenda Shield portal and manage and report on audit engagements.
  • Access an online Audit Management portal tailored to your organization
  • Select specific controls and assets from within the Difenda Shield portal
  • Manage and report on specific audit engagements

Dashboards and Reporting

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Stay protected with access to insights that go far beyond reporting offered by traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Drive informed decision making with full visibility into your security, processes, and technology.
  • Dynamically report on current control compliance according to assets, industry standard frameworks, active risks, and ongoing audit engagements
  • Access real-time dashboard and reporting data
  • Offer up-to-date visibility for all stakeholders, including operational staff

How does it work?

Difenda GRC gives your organization a strong cybersecurity foundation that simplifies your approach to governance, risk, and compliance.

Optimize and visualize the relationships between your people, processes, and technology with full visibility into your organization’s approach to GRC.


Our Rapid Cover™ deployment methodology allows us to get GRC production-ready very quickly and consistently—even when you’re starting from scratch.

Difenda GRC has a process for onboarding that has been perfected over the years with our team of experts to ensure the success of your plan.


It all starts with creating a detailed library to centralize all of your GRC data. Next, users and roles are configured, assets are profiled, and the groundwork for your GRC program is established.


GRC plays an important role in your day-to-day operations. The onboarding process includes an assessment of your policy management, compliance and attestation, and risk management workflows to understand how they interact and impact your organization.


The final step includes configuring your dashboards and reports to provide the valuable insights your company needs to drive the most value out of your GRC program.

GRC Frameworks


• Center for Internet Security (CIS)

• International Standards Organization (ISO) / International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

• National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST)

• Payment Card Industry (PCI)

• Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

• + More

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What can you achieve with GRC?

With Difenda GRC, you receive 24/7 monitoring for the core components of your governance, risk, and compliance program.

Build out a needs-based content library that improves visibility into the relationships between the people, processes, and technology impacting your organization.

Design and implement a cybersecurity program that’s built using industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks, best practices, and decades of industry experience.

Keep your business protected at all times with 24/7 visibility into the people, processes, and technologies that drive your business forward.

Difenda GRC is fully compatible with our other Difenda Shield services. Easily add in Difenda MDR and AVM to create a robust cybersecurity program.

Turn cybersecurity and GRC into a company-wide objective with real-time data dashboards, notifications, alerts, and enhanced visibility using the Difenda Shield Portal.

Break down silos and identify the why behind cybersecurity governance and the best ways to integrate these rules within your people, processes, and technology.

Leverage our robust document library to ensure your GRC program follows best practices, is easy to manage, and allows for ongoing improvements over time.

Difenda is Microsoft’s go-to partner for complex Microsoft Sentinel configurations. Implement best practices and drive valuable insights with ongoing support and solution optimization.

Take your cybersecurity program to the next level

Implement a robust cybersecurity solution that keeps your business protected at all levels. GRC is a fully managed and modular solution that integrates seamlessly with other components of the Difenda Shield, including:
Managed Detection
& Response

Advanced Vulnerability Management

Brand Protection
Security Awareness
"Compliance fatigue was ongoing and we needed an organization to partner with my team to make things easier. Difenda’s ability to streamline our focus, provide guidance and help us when it was audit time as incredible. Reporting to our executive team now is quick and effective."

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A successful cybersecurity program
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