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Meet Difenda Shield

A modular approach to cybersecurity that keeps you protected

Difenda Shield is an integrated cybersecurity suite of modules that gives companies the tools they need to stay vigilant, agile, and collaborative.

Supported by industry-leading platforms

Difenda is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and offers specialized expertise with Microsoft Sentinel and the additional security products from the M365 E5 licensing model (Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure AD, Defender for Servers, etc.)
Difenda Shield offers enhanced security that leverages the world’s most popular technology suite.

The Difenda Shield difference

Our Difenda Shield platform is designed to provide customers with a streamlined ‘SecOps-as-a-Service’ experience through highly automated and orchestrated processes based on proprietary integrations with Microsoft 365 services and other supporting industry-leading security technologies.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner that’s highly specialized in Microsoft 365 security service design, implementation, and operations. Difenda provides customer cyber program support through its Cyber Advisory and Offensive Security services.

Respond to potential threats, faster

Reduce attacker dwell time and mitigate the impact of breaches with proactive threat hunting and incident response services.

Vulnerability management that’s always working

Minimize the window of opportunity for attackers with continuous vulnerability management processes that leverage automation, business intelligence, and real-time visibility.

Navigate changing regulatory frameworks

Keep up with a regulatory landscape that’s constantly evolving with an active, streamlined approach to cybersecurity frameworks.

See the entire picture with the Difenda Shield Portal

Every Difenda Shield customer can use the Difenda Shield Portal, a powerful web-based platform where you can interact with various aspects of threats, make changes to requests, and gain enhanced visibility into your cybersecurity solutions.

Our Difenda Shield dashboards allow you to:

  • Collect daily trend data
  • Provide a summary of key information to improve decision making
  • Enable end-user dashboard parameter selection
  • Support for interactive drill down into underpinning data
  • Export dashboards and reports to supported formats

Automatically pull, store, and report on monitored assets, daily threat events, and service requests.

What can you achieve with Difenda Shield?

Real-Time Threat Reports

Understand current threats against your environment at-a-glance with security event reports. Pre-built dashboards and customizable filters provide both broad and deep visibility.

Discover  Difenda MDR

Threat Profiling

Add valuable business context to your security operations by sharing asset details with the Difenda Shield. The more the platform learns about your environment, the better it’s able to prioritize activities such as incident response and vulnerability management.

Discover  Difenda MDR  Difenda AVM  

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Break down visibility silos between roles, departments, regions, and even subsidiary organizations with reporting capabilities that aggregate and organize asset-level information to provide clear and concise reports across your entire business.

Discover  Difenda MDR  Difenda AVM  Difenda GRC 

Historical Data

Make informed decisions and satisfy audit requests at the same time with a rich archive of historical security data accessible via the Difenda Shield portal. The flexible interface also allows for easy sorting, filtering, and export of data as needed.

Secure Access Management

The Difenda Shield customer portal supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring your sensitive security data is only ever accessed by authorized personnel and only on a need-to-know basis.

Service Request Management

Service requests can be created and updated from within the Difenda Shield customer portal providing customers a convenient way to ensure the Difenda Shield is delivering maximum value at all times.

A unified approach to cybersecurity isn’t optional today

An effective cybersecurity strategy requires adopting a unified approach that targets the people, processes, and technologies you rely on—and is informed by both technical and business context.

Difenda Shield offers a comprehensive and forward-looking suite of cybersecurity solutions that streamlines security service delivery into a single, fully-integrated solution. Stay protected with advanced vulnerability management, governance, risk, and compliance, and monitoring, detection, and response through a fully integrated and seamless SecOps as a Service model.
"Difenda has always been responsive to my needs as a cybersecurity leader, whether it is picking up the phone immediately, getting people to help in the middle of the night, or immediately escalating threats, they have always been there."

Become cyber-resilient with
a modular managed cybersecurity
solution that fits your needs.

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