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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Q&A


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Arm yourself with knowledge that’s substantial, not superficial.


Microsoft Security

Demystifying Cloud Security With Microsoft and Difenda is a virtual Q&A designed to help security leaders #OperationalizeCloudSecurity.

Shape the future of cyber resilience with us!

Our Experts Will Help You #OperationalizeCloudSecurity in 2024

Ascend to clarity with Defender for Cloud. Learn the practical knowledge and concrete steps you need to enhance your organization’s cloud security to ensure operational resilience. Leave with a clear path from initial Proof of Concept to full-scale Defender for Cloud implementation. 

Arm yourself with knowledge that’s substantial, not superficial—Operationalize cloud security today.

Leverage Insider Knowledge

Learn from Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud team and Difenda's technical experts with exclusive knowledge of Cloud security technology and use cases.

Enhance Security Posture

Discover Defender for Cloud's ability to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a robust security posture that aligns with compliance protocols.

Get Strategic with Automation

Get an exclusive look at how a new tool in the Cloud Security space enhances alert precision and accelerates response times.

Named Microsoft’s Security Impact Partner of the Year in 2023 for delivering excellence and innovative end-to-end security.

Difenda is proud to be a long-standing Microsoft Partner, an early achiever of MXDR verified status, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and a holder of the Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization and Cloud Security.