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Are Apologies from Cyber Criminals Enough? Are we Prepared?

Author: Derek Nugent, Vice President Sales, Marketing & Customer Success at Difenda It’s been a strange year to say the least.  Recently, a hacking group known as DarkSide managed to take down a major U.S. pipeline. That isn’t unusual — cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure are frighteningly common these days. What’s odd is the fact that […]
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Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score: Know Your Security Score!

Many businesses have taken the approach to leverage Office 365 to simplify their technology needs. And why not? The benefits are easy to justify—you can manage your costs more easily, you’ll have access to the latest software, you will relieve your IT with managing the underlying infrastructure, you can provide your users with the specific […]
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Does Your Company Have A Cybersecurity Strategy?

When you consider that corporations are likely to face a data security breach at some point—a matter of "when," rather than "if"—then it becomes imperative that your company be prepared with a cybersecurity strategy. It may seem like a vexing challenge when the digital world is in constant flux—with the evolution of technology like the internet of things, mobile technology, and cloud computing—but the difficulty of the problem does not outweigh the necessity of its solution.
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