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TORONTO, ONTARIO – September 26, 2018 – Difenda, a leading cybersecurity services provider, today announced it has become the first accredited BlackBerry SHIELD Advisor in Canada within the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program. Additionally, the company also shared the news that it has been named as a BlackBerry Platinum Partner and received a BlackBerry Workspaces accreditation, one of only two managed security service providers to hold the distinction in Canada.

As a Platinum partner, Difenda has demonstrated its commitment to service customers across North America with an integrated software platform that addresses enterprise risk with an unparalleled standard of security.

“Difenda is committed to the protection of our clients’ infrastructure and are thrilled to be named as the first managed security service provider in Canada to reach the Platinum level of BlackBerry’s Enterprise Partner Program,” said Manoj Arora, CEO, Difenda. “This reaffirms our commitment to leverage best-in-class solutions that allow us to deliver the outcome our clients are expecting from their investments. Our managed and professional services teams have trained extensively to meet the requirements for Platinum Partner certification and we are very proud of this accomplishment.”

Workspaces specialists are the only BlackBerry partners who have demonstrated capability to deploy, implement and support BlackBerry Workspaces solutions. This specialization validates Difenda’s technical competency in BlackBerry Workspaces and the growing Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) market. BlackBerry Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, enabling users to share, edit and control their files on every device.

“As a Platinum Partner, Difenda has proven they have the technology skills and expertise to implement and support BlackBerry solutions," said Richard McLeod, Global Vice President, Enterprise Software Channels, BlackBerry. “By working with an established partner like Difenda, we will create growth for our partners and help organizations advance their mobility strategies.”

The SHIELD Advisor Program leverages BlackBerry’s 15+ years of experience with mobile device security best practices. SHIELD Advisors are skilled to provide customers with a vendor-agnostic, and confidential review of their mobile security posture and practices, and quickly discover what their customers are doing when compared to their peers and, more importantly, where there is room for improvement.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program is designed to help partners navigate the ever-changing mobile business environment through secure mobile business solutions for their people, processes and data. It helps partners gain new competencies and capabilities that will enable them to meet and exceed market demand, by ensuring partners are well equipped to successfully design, architect, implement and support BlackBerry solutions.

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About Difenda

Difenda was established by cybersecurity experts with real-world cyberwarfare experience to incorporate big data analytics, machine learning technologies, and artificial intelligence to prevent, detect, and respond to sophisticated cyber attacks. Difenda enables your organization’s freedom-of-action within cyberspace. We possess the competence to manage and track threats across a vast and complex landscape. Our offerings are aligned with your business requirements and we prioritize our responses based on your risk profile and threat activity. See, or contact, for further information.